Ohio Oil and Gas Producers Underground Protection Service (OGPUPS)

One of the Best Liability Insurances you can have!Crude oil and natural gas pipes

The Oil and Gas Producers Underground Protection Service (OGPUPS) Limited Basis Membership has been set up and administered by the Ohio Oil and Gas Association as a membership service to those companies that would like to participate in a convenient and cost effective underground protection service.

Membership Benefits:

Compliance with Ohio Law

In 1989, the Ohio Legislature passed S.B 174 which substantially altered the statutory provisions under Ohio Revised Code Chapter 3781 concerning notification requirements involved in excavation which may impact underground facilities such as oil and gas pipelines, electric lines, fiber optic lines, cable lines, etc. These provisions require that any entity which owns such “underground facilities: MUST participate in an “Underground Protection Service.” The provisions also established responsibilities to developers of real property, owners of underground facilities and implementation of excavations.

There are more than 63,000 active oil and gas wells located in Ohio. A large percentage of those wells produce natural gas and thereby utilize a natural gas pipeline. As such, oil and gas producers in Ohio own and operate thousands of miles of natural gas pipelines related to their business. They are classic examples of “owners of underground facilities” covered by the 1989 legislation. Each owner of a natural gas gathering system or pipeline is required by law to become a member of a “protection service.”

It is easy to become a member!

Please fill out the Limited Basis Membership application, print it, and then return the signed document to OGPUPS.

The staff at OGPUPS will work with you to gather the facility information in the format of county, township or municipality and section or lot number.