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  • Preparing for an excavation…

    To protect the safety of your crew and the public, please use the following steps to ensure that all lines are clearly identified on your excavation site:

    1. Determine location of site by
      • County
      • Township or municipality
      • Section or lot number

      If you do not have the section or lot number, the county Engineer’s office in which the work is being completed will be able to help get this information.  For a complete list of County Engineer’s offices contact information please download our Engineer Contact List.

    2. Complete the Line Locate Request Form or call Oil & Gas Producers Underground Protection Service at 614-715-2984 at least 48 hours but not more than ten days before commencing excavation.
    3. Contact any member company with oil & gas lines in the reported area as supplied by OGPUPS.
      • All member companies registered with OGPUPS are Limited Basis Participants. Limited Basis Participants, or LBPs, register their facilities by county, township or municipality. They are not notified by OGPUPS.  It is the caller’s responsibility to notify them directly.  – ORC 3781.26(A)
      • The companies contacted with underground facilities in the area have 48 hours to mark the area.  The 48 hour notice for underground facility owners to mark excludes Saturdays, Sundays and Legal Holidays. – ORC 3781.28 (A)
      • OGPUPS does not mark lines.
    4. A reference/ticket number will be assigned and used as proof of your call.  Record the number and keep it for the duration of your excavation or longer when applicable. – ORC 3781.26 (C)
    5. Premark the proposed excavation site with white paint, flags or both.  Excavators are encouraged to pre-mark with white paint in order to show the facility owners/locators the specific area where excavation will take place. This will eliminate locating underground facilities that are not involved in the excavation area and reduce unnecessary paint on our streets, roads, and sidewalks.
    6. For a single point excavation, such as installing poles, pedestals, or planting a tree, mark (with white paint) the area by using dashes to show the owners/locators the area of excavation.
    7. For continuous excavation, such as trenching, boring, etc., mark the center line of excavation with dashes in white paint. Excavation width (in feet) shall be indicated on either side of the center line in legible figures.  White flags or stakes may be used in place of white paint and, in some situations, may be more practical.

    Please download the Marking Standards for a complete explanation of how lines are marked.